Issue with my account



My account with the email is not working. The first issue would not allow me open a workbook giving an error that “Only subscribed users can launch a project”. I contacted my Teaching Assistant for my class, Ahana (, about this for help and was given an activation code that when put in said had already been used.

I tried to relog into my account this morning to try a new activation code Ahana gave me, but my account was deleted. Now I have made a new account with the same email, but when I log in, the website is constantly refreshing so I cannot click or access anything on the webpage.

I have attached screenshots of the error messages I have received if that helps as well.

If this can be resolved soon I would appreciate it a lot so I can begin working on my assignments.

Thank you,


I apologize the email came only now to my account. Please ask your TA for a different code.