How to create a project on datacabinet


Steps to create a project on datacabinet:

  1. Log In/Register: To create an account in DataCabinet, you must sign up by clicking the sign up button on home page.

  1. When you click the sign up button on homepage, you move to sign in page of which is as below. You have two options.

  2. To register using your existing gmail ID, click Sign in with Google.

b. To register using any other email ID click register. Students/Teachers are advised to use their educational Institutions’ email ID.

  1. After Sign In or Sign up, wait for Drive Status (right hand side top corner of the homepage) to turn Green.

The different color of the drive status has different meaning:

  1. green: ready
  2. Yellow: Connected to another session. click to force connect. If it does not turn green in a minute, please logout and log back in a few minutes.
  3. Red: Error
  4. Blue: Getting Ready
  5. White: The drive is busy and cloud provider will take some time to free it. Please logout and log back in 10 min.

  1. Import Project: You can import project by clicking the download icon (left hand side of drive status)

  1. Add Project: You can add project by clicking the white PLUS sign in the green box (left hand side of the download icon).

  1. You can also create a new project by clicking Create button

  1. You can import project from project store. In the project store, you will have option to buy the project or simply import the free project.

  1. Run, Share and Delete the Project by clicking the respective button:

  1. When you share a project, unique ID for the project is created.

  1. Each Project is uniquely secured with password

  1. Use password to Log into the project:

  1. New Project page looks like:

  1. Create new notebook by selecting New or Upload notebook from your system by clicking Upload:

  1. Please be patient when you see a sign like this